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Jungle Fibers Bag

$ 16.00


This lightweight bag is handmade of natural fibers gathered from the jungles of Guatemala. It serves as a great tote for the beach or a picnic. 


+ Made in Guatemala
+ Crafted from natural fibers gathered in the jungles of Guatemala. 
+ Dimensions: 13" long x 12" wide
+ A group of 20 women in Guatemala worked from home for two months creating these beautiful jungle fiber bags. This order for Fair Trade Friday members is the largest order the group has ever received. They are extremely grateful for the first steady income that they have received in a while. 


Itza Wood provides handcrafted furnishings and home goods to the conscious consumer, global wholesalers, and design studios. The organization only uses ethically sourced, certified, and responsibly harvested exotic woods and fibers. Each Itza Wood piece is a unique expression of Guatemalan beauty and biodiversity. Itza Wood has recently expanded to include artisans who weave beautiful pieces from fibers found in the Guatemalan jungle.