Copper Water Bottle


Shanker, father of a son and a daughter  in high school, has been working for  five years at Noah’s Ark in India. He  presses the copper sheets to give  the water bottle its shape. Shanker is  happy with his job, and his dream is to  continue to provide a good education  to his children so they can have more  opportunities in the future. This Mercy  House Global order helped him pay for his  motor bike.


Add fashion and function to yourself-care routine with your new copper water bottle. It’s the perfect size to keep you hydrated on the go. Many believe that drinking from copper provides amazing health benefits to the brain, joints, thyroid, and cardiovascular & digestive systems.Some even say that their skin and hair have improved after drinking from copper on a regular basis. Studies have proven that copper has antibacterial properties. In addition to all this, your bottle provided dignified work to the artisans at Noah’s Ark



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