Jewelry Polishing Cloth

$ 3.00

Brass jewelry is durable and will last for many years with proper care. The material will naturally tarnish over time, which gives it its unique, organic appearance. Use your polishing cloth to care for your new pieces. Made of USA-grown cotton and double-treated with R-22 tarnish preventative, your jewelry polishing cloth is specially designed to quickly and effectively clean, polish, and prevent tarnish on all sterling, silver plate, gold, platinum, brass, and bronze jewelry. The inner white cloth gently and thoroughly cleans and polished away tarnish, fingerprints, and body oils while also imparting tarnish-resistant barriers. The outer cloth buffs jewelry to a beautiful luster. 


+ Made in the USA 
+ Crafted from USA-grown cotton and double-treated with R-22 tarnish preventative 
+ Cleaning tip: Does your recycled brass jewelry need a little extra pampering? Restore your recycled brass jewelry to beauty with a lemon bath. In a shallow bowl, combine one capful of lemon juice, one cup of warm water, and one squirt of dish detergent. Soak our jewelry in the solution for one to three minutes, depending on the tarnish level. Rinse and dry.