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Miujiza Ceramic Beaded Bracelet | Pink Grapefruit

$ 18.00

Step up your accessory game with this eye-catching Miujiza Ceramic Beaded Bracelet in the color mandarin. Turn heads with this pop of color on your wrist made by artisans at Miujiza in Kenya. Make it a set with our matching beaded bracelets in the colors mandarin and granny smith. 


  • Made by Miujiza in Kenya
  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 2.5" 
  • Bracelet does stretch and fits most


Miujiza means “miracles” in Swahili and that’s exactly what these women are. The grandmothers of some of the babies from the maternity homes are who make up this amazing group. Against all odds, these women have become ceramic workers and master weavers. Their lives are changing insignificant ways with this sustainable work and new opportunities. Many of their daughters are now able to return home because of what God has done.