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Charitable Gift Catalog

Have Hope Basket Weaving Training | Donation

$ 25.00


Through recent shifts and changes, Have Hope, one of our talented artisan groups in Kenya is transitioning to become a basket weaving group! This exciting endeavor requires training and time, and we are reaching out to ask if YOU would consider linking arms with us in providing funds to facilitate these trainings. Becoming a basket weaving group means that the women of Have Hope would learn another trade to be able to have dignified work and make a sustainable living for themselves and their families.


+ Donation towards basket weaving training for the women of Have Hope in Kenya
+ Pledge amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100 
+ We will take everyone who invests in this group and do a drawing and one person will receive the first basket ever made by this group! 
+ We desire to be good stewards of your gift, and when we receive more contributions for a given fund than we can use, we apply those funds to meet similar pressing needs.


Have Hope began in Kenya as a community outreach ministry of Mercy House Global. Twenty women in the Kariobungi slum have been meeting for Bible study since 2010. With a need to improve their lives, they began making paper bead jewelry as a way to receive sustainable income for themselves and their families. They started calling their group "Have Hope" because they did not have any but desired it. The women in Have Hope are so hungry to learn new skills, and it is beautiful and humbling to work alongside them and watch them grow.