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Magenta Clay Stud Earrings

$ 10.00 $ 18.00

Life's too short for dull colors – let's magenta-fy it with these vibrant earrings from Clay and Dreams! These hand-made polymer earrings will breathe life into your wardrobe while providing opportunities for a family in Thailand. Make a statement and support sustainable artistry with a pop of personality that's impossible to ignore!

  • Made in Thailand
  • Made from polymer clay

ABOUT THE ARTISAN: Clay and Dreams 

Jarukanya, the owner and maker of Clay and Dreams, has always had a passion for art. In 2021, she fell in love with the medium of polymer clay and started her business, fulfilling her dream to make a living with art.  


Hi, my name is Jarukanya and I am the owner and maker behind Clay and Dreams. In April of 2021, I came across a jewelry shop on Instagram, ordered a pair of earrings and that was the beginning of my story with polymer clay. I have always been passionate for art, which essentially started with oil painting. Intrigued, I decided to take on the adventure and learn more about everything there is to know about the world of polymer clay. Two months later, Clay and Dreams was born. 

For obvious reasons, the first part of the name came from the main medium I use to make jewelry which is polymer clay. The second part came to me as an ode to myself and how my ULTIMATE DREAM came true - and that is to be able to make a living with art.  

It is our hope and dream to create dreamy wearable art that encourages confidence in you! We want women to feel beautiful like the best versions of themselves when they wear our jewelry.