Fair Trade Friday

Minimalist Greeting Cards for any Occasion! (set of 12)

$ 15.00


Our new greeting cards are perfect for any occasion -- with 12 cards and envelopes included, you will be set for any event! Between a pick-me-up to a friend, birthday, anniversary, and more, these fair trade cards will help you cover your bases and express your words in a thoughtful way! 


+ Designed in Kenya

+ Printed in the USA

+ 12 unique and different prints are included in each pack: "Shello", "You Can't Make Everyone Happy. You're Not An Avocado", "Breathe Deep", "I Believe In You, Tiny Acorn", "You're On Point", "Plant Lady", "Squeeze The Day!", "I Love You More Than Tacos", "Love You.", "Life Is Short. Eat Ice Cream.", "In Every Rainstorm There Is A Rainbow.", "Enjoy Another Trip Around The Sun". 

+ 5" x 7" greeting cards created by rescued teen mothers in Kenya

+ All proceeds from the sale of these cards goes directly back to Rehema House, our maternal rescue center in Kenya.


Sanaa Collection is an art collection created by rescued teen mothers in Kenya. By purchasing these cards, you are joining us to change the lives of women around the world by empowering them through dignified work. The proceeds from the sale of these cards go directly to Mercy House Global.