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Celebrate Gold Tin Candle with Sprinkles | 3 oz.

$ 10.00


This fun candle smells like fresh baked birthday cake and has a surprise in store... The sprinkles dip below the melted wax then reappear when you light your candle again! Give this candle to a loved one this year for their birthday or to commemorate a special milestone.  


+ Scent: Birthday Cake

+ Hand poured by refugees resettled in Houston, TX

+ 3 oz

+ Ingredients: Soy Wax, Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil, and Food Grade Sprinkles

+ Disclaimer: After burning a soy wax candle, rough bumpy tops may appear due to the organic nature of the wax. Hot soy wax cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate, however, this is natural and to be expected.


Hand-poured by refugees, these candles bring light to dark places and celebrate new beginnings and hope provided by dignified jobs both in the USA and around the world.