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Black & White Floral Greeting Cards | Set of 12

$ 27.00

Hand-picked just for you! This set of 12 greeting cards will be perfect to keep on hand for any occasion. Created with deep passion, skill, and creativity, Taiba, an artisan who is a resettled refugee from Iraq, crafted this beautiful collection of hand-drawn flowers! 

  • Made in the USA by an artisan who is a refugee 
  • Comes with 12 greeting cards + envelopes 
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7


Taiba, a resettled refugee originally from Iraq, is a lead floral designer in Houston, Texas, where she uses her creative talents daily. Taiba has been creating art for Mercy House Global since her first days in the United States. In addition to sketching this beautiful floral drawing, she also designed and painted a mural at the Mercy House Global home office. Taiba loves how there are vast opportunities for her here in her new country and said, "Life gets better every day!”