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Beauty out of Ashes | 8" x 10" Linen Print

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Recently one of our transitional living homes in Kenya burned down. Devastated by the destruction yet thankful that God spared the lives of everyone there. We hurt when our sisters hurt and we rejoice when they rejoice because Mercy House is global and we are connected. And we invite YOU into that and ask that you would also link arms with us as we walk through this trial! 

This print was designed as part of our efforts to fundraise money for our burned-down transitional home in Kenya and proceeds from it go directly towards helping buy a new home for our artisans! You could put this print in a frame above your desk, in your home, or gift it to a friend! 


+ Printed in the USA 

Print Dimensions: 8" x 10"

+ Proceeds go to support our rescued teen moms in Kenya


Gratitude changes everything. Everything changes with gratitude.

“It is with a heavy heart that we share that while we ate breakfast in the USA yesterday morning and our friends prepared for the dinner hour in Kenya, a raging fire broke out in the babies play area in one of our maternity homes that house 9 teen moms and their children. It was destroyed. Every teen mom, child, and staff member escaped with no harm.

The details of the tragedy and the reason for the fire are still unfolding, but without a doubt, we believe God provided a miracle by sparing the lives of our precious family.

The shock and trauma experienced are heart-wrenching. (I’m not sure how much more trauma traumatized people can take, so please join me and pray for peace.) As we take inventory of the profound devastation in Kenya, we know recovery will require all of us.

A few hours after I received the terrifying call, I checked in again with our leaders and girls and they were still among the smoking ashes and rubble —praising and praying and thanking God for sparing their lives.

Before we invite you to be a part of more miracles, we are asking you to join with our Kenyan partners and dedicating the next 7 days in gratitude to God for what He has already done. Would set an alarm on your phone for 9:15 AM and join us this next week from around the world and praise God for what He has done?

This is our 11th year, and not one has been without catastrophe... but God is still good and He still has work for us to do—together, in gratitude. Because look what He has already done.

Let us know you are committed to daily prayers of praise by signing up for text messages using the link below, we look forward to our 7 days of gratitude together❤️

- Kristen + Terrell Welch, founder + CEO