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Slow Fashion | The Original Box

$ 26.00 $ 39.99


This month, we are celebrating “Slow Fashion”- As consumers, it’s vital that we look past a tempting price tag and investigate the philosophy of the companies we purchase from. In slow fashion, products are created with care for the artisans and are often made of sustainable resources.

At Fair Trade Friday, we are committed to ensuring the relationships between workers and consumers are respectful and mutually beneficial. Every product shipped to your door has created a dignified job for an artisan and supports women around the world!

DETAILS: What's in the Box~ 

◇Leather Hair Ties, set of 2 | Made by Street Hope in Kenya | Retails for $10

◇Globe Embroidered Hat | Made by GOEX in partnership with Topiku in Indonesia | Retails for $26

◇Stitched Leather Stud Earrings | Made by Have Hope in Kenya | Retails for $14