New! Fair Trade Ornament Box

This Fair Trade Ornament box makes the perfect gift! It is filled with some of our Fair Trade favorites from artisan partners around the world. 

Paper Bead Africa Ornament


This Fair Trade paper bead ornament was created by the women of Have Hope in Kenya. It is their very first Christmas ornament and represents the heart of Mercy House Global's ministry - Kenya, where it all began. 


Hand-rolled cream paper beads

Made in Kenya

White Wooden Dove


Inganzo "The Source" Cooperative in Muhanga District, Rwanda. Your purchase provides more than simply a fair wage and much-needed income to Rwandan artisans. It provides dignity and hope for a better future. It provides the opportunity for parents to pay for the care and education of their children. It provides the means for neighbors to work together for the development of their community and their nation. In other words, your purchase is more valuable than you can imagine.

Jacaranda trees add to the beauty of Rwanda, with their feathery leaves and small purple flowers. They are also special in that they grow back after being cut. Artisans use Jacaranda branches to carve these charming little birds.


Made in Rwanda

Macrame Christmas Tree 


HUGG Mission Market creates a unique missional experience that invites shoppers to take part in fashion that fuels social change in under-resourced communities by purchasing products crafted in these communities.

Profits from sales are reinvested into HandUp Global Ministries,  our parent organization dedicated to equipping and empowering young men who’ve aged out of our partner orphanage. 


Made from Natural Cotton Cord + Clay Bead Accents

Handmade with Love in Haiti

Approximately 4.3" long

"Thrill of Hope" Mini Embroidery Hoop 


Comprised of Pastor’s wives,Our Legacy, is changing the future of this often-oppressive region by providing fair wages and hope to skilled artisans who intricately embroider beautiful designs for Mercy House Global. The women use the income to help sustain their families and alleviate their financial burdens.


Hand embroidered in Ukraine

4" Mini Hoop



Sancha is a refugee who lives in Houston, originally from the war torn country of Bhutan, her family was sent to a refugee camp in Nepal about 20 years ago.  She came to the United States with her husband from the refugee camp in 2012.  Like most refugees transitioning to a new country, Sancha faces many challenges like learning a new language, navigating a different culture, and trying to make ends meet. She became a believer after coming to the US and is currently being discipled by fellow believers. In 2014, Mercy House Global began providing work for refugees in Houston and developed a one on one relationship with Sancha.  She uses the money she makes from creating these beautiful rainbow ornaments to help provide for her family and pay for ESL classes.


Made in the USA


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