Gifts for Her

"For Every Personality" Earrings | 9 Styles

$ 14.00


Looking for a thoughtful gift? Look no further than our enneagram earring collection! Nothing says " I thought of you" more than intentionally highlighting the personality and heart of the person you are buying a gift for.

** Earring types are subject to change based on inventory. You may not receive what is pictured. 


E1 - "These are my perfect outfit earrings"

E2 - "These are my help me help you earrings" 

E3 - "These are my overachiever earrings" 

E4: "These are my feel all the feels earrings”

E5: "These earrings make me the smartest person in the room"

E6: "These are my security blanket earrings”

E7: "These are my fun earrings”

E8: "These are my in charge earrings"

E9: "These are my go with the flow earrings"


This global collaboration shares the love! ALL of the earrings were made by fair trade artisan partners from Kenya, Haiti, East Asia, and even refugee-made products by artisans here in Houston!