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Orange + Clove | Sugar Scrub

$ 10.00

Treat your skin to our new orange + clove scrub! Not only does it exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling buttery soft, but it also smells amazing and creates a spa-like feel in the comfort of your home. 


  • Made by artisans who are refugees living in the USA 
  • 7 oz 
  • Ingredients: white sugar, coconut oil, & orange + clove essential oil
  • After cleaning, massage scrub into skin. Avoid eyes, nose, and mouth. Rinse and pat dry.

Local Hope is a Mercy House Global artisan group based in Houston, TX, made up of women who have overcome different obstacles and hardships and have been empowered to create a future of hope and redemption for themselves and their families.
Sanu, one of our newest artisans, is from the war-torn country of Bhutan. Sanu and her family were sent to a refugee camp in Nepal about 20 years ago for refuge. She came to the United States from the refugee camp in 2012 and lives in a refugee community in Houston. She is married with two beautiful children and is related to Sancha and Reunka, two other artisans here at Mercy House.