Circle of Hope Necklace | Saddle


This gray paper bead necklace with gold hoop and saddle leather fringe is a collaboration between artisan groups and countries. The paper beads and leather fringe were created by the women of Have Hope. And the gold Circle of Hope created by Hope House in Azerbaijan.

Have Hope is an artisan group based in Kenya whose story we have shared many times over. These women depend on you, and your world-changing purchases as a means to provide for their families.

Hope House, in Azerbaijan, provides a secure space for artisans who have escaped violent situations in the Middle East. They exist as a beacon of light in an area of the world where women are often oppressed. Hope House offers a safe community, counseling, education, and dignified jobs to women.

This gold Circle of Hope was made by pounding, molding, and heating golden wire into a perfect circle and then bending and curling the ends together to create a unique twist at the top. These pieces were then transported to Kenya, where the women of Have Hope hand-rolled paper beads out of carefully selected sheets of gray paper and then strung them to create this statement necklace. The final step was hand tying each piece of saddle leather lace fringe to the gold circle pendant to create a Circle of Hope.

This piece encompasses all the elements of inspiration for our fall line, from the colors of gray, brass, and saddle, to the collaboration among empowered artisans that provides hope across continents. 


Made in Kenya + Azerbaijan

This is mid-length necklace with a 15"-16" hanging length.


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