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Have Hope Leather Stitched Earrings

$ 22.00


If statement earrings are your thing.. you don't want to miss these earrings!

Made by Have Hope in Kenya, these earrings feature locally sourced metallic leather that has been hand cut and hand threaded to give this unique look. These are lightweight, but make a BOLD statement!


+ Made by Have Hope in Kenya

+ Materials: metallic leather and thread

+ Dimensions: 6cm long x 4cm wide


Caroline is married with five children (3boys and 2girls) and also cares for two children who were orphaned. Caroline was a housewife entirely dependent on her husband’s meager salary. Her husband works as a nightguard. Having 7 children under one’s care while depending on a small salary, was almost impossible to survive. Her children would be turned away from school because they could not afford the fees.

She shares that getting a job with Have Hope eased her burden because she was ultimately able to settle her children’s school fees. She is not only able to cater for the fees but she also helps in ensuring that her family’s needs are well met. Her husband is so grateful that the Lord opened the doors for his wife regardless of her level of education and continues to pray that more opportunities will come their way. Their eldest son recently sat for his O-levels and performed well and is looking forward to joining a college to pursue his dream. The other children are also doing well in school. Caroline is so grateful to God

Have Hope began in Kenya as a community outreach ministry of Mercy House Global. Twenty women in the Kariobungi slum have been meeting for Bible study since 2010. With a need to improve their lives, they began making paper bead jewelry as a way to receive sustainable income for themselves and their families. They started calling their group "Have Hope" because they did not have any but desired it. The women in Have Hope are so hungry to learn new skills, and it is beautiful and humbling to work alongside them and watch them grow.