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Mother's Day Collection

Flower Feelings Chart

$ 12.00

A feelings chart can help us open up about how we are really doing. It’s easy to answer “fine” or “okay” when we don’t always know how best to express our emotions. It’s proven that increased relief comes with being specific ways to identify our emotions and it provides an opportunity for empathy. It’s important that we not only understand what is happening inside of people we care about but also ourselves. Taking a “feelings check” grounds us in the moment. It forces us to pause and really reflect on what we are experiencing.

Every meeting at Mercy House Global begins with a "feelings check.” It can be a one-word answer from the Feelings Chart (we are not allowed to say “fine” or okay" or come with an elaboration of the preferred feeling. It helps the rest of the team to know what each person is bringing into the meeting.

Some helpful tips:

1. Display it in your home. It’s beautiful framed or displayed with other prints from our birth flower collection.
2. It is practical. This sweet chart is more than decor. It provides an intentional way to connect with your family and friends. Try using it to check in or during a breakdown or when someone is shutting down.
3. It works when it’s used consistently. Meal time is a great opportunity to do a quick feelings check. It’s always insightful!

  • Made in the USA by an artisan who is a refugee 
  • Dimensions: 11 x 17


Taiba, a resettled refugee originally from Iraq, is a lead floral designer in Houston, Texas, where she uses her creative talents daily. Taiba has been creating art for Mercy House Global since her first days in the United States. In addition to sketching this beautiful floral drawing, she also designed and painted a mural at the Mercy House Global home office. Taiba loves how there are vast opportunities for her here in her new country and said, "Life gets better every day!”