New! Curated Gift Box: Travelers Box | Go, Fly, Roam, Travel.


This ready-to-gift curated box is for the World Traveler in your life - a way to say "Go, Fly, Roam, Travel" and empower women across the globe.

  • Our very first Fair Trade Globe 
  • Passport Cover
  • "GO" Necklace

Every item in this box is Fair Trade, provides a dignified job for an artisan, and empowers families living in desperate situations around the world.  


3 Fair Trade Items

Paper items printed in the USA, all proceeds go to support Rehema House, our maternal rescue center in Kenya

Fair Trade Globe


Explore the world with our first ever Fair Trade globe! This darling piece is perfect for your mantle or side table, a constant reminder of the artisans across the globe you support through your FTF subscription and all of the places you can adventure to! 

Near the Ganga River in Moradabad, India, rests a workshop where empowered artisans hand crafted your globe. Arshad leads this skilled group of artisans. He learned his trade while working with his father growing up, and now Arshad strives to share these skills with others. Arshad and his wife work tirelessly in order to provide for their two children and send them to school. Their dream is to provide a good education not only to their children, but also to the children of the artisans who work with them. With this large order of globes, Arshad was able to provide steady work and wages for his artisans, as well as help with education costs.


Made in India

"GO" Necklace


We walked through the streets of the slum, taking in every story. Little kids playing next to their homes of sheet metal and scrapped fabric. Parents sitting next to piles of product they have scavenged from the nearby dump, items we throw away without a thought, anxiously trying to sell the small treasures so they can buy food for their children that day. Narrow ditches lined the dirt path we were on with raw sewage running through their veins, as active as the busy community around them. It was hard to not be overtaken by the overwhelming poverty, hopelessness, and darkness.    As our team neared a small, humble building, everything seemed to change. We heard the gentle pinging of brass, the sound of this discarded material being transformed into gorgeous jewelry by the hands of skilled artisans. We saw the beautiful, beaming faces of empowered women, laughing with one another as we came near. They warmly welcomed us and excitedly showed us their creations— beautiful, one of a kind pieces of jewelry being made for our Fair Trade Friday subscribers! In the middle of the slum, a place of darkness and loss, Karama Collection’s jewelry center is a true beacon of light and hope, bringing sustainable employment and change to a desperate community, one artisan at a time!   


Karama’s jewelry artisans live and work in one of the largest slums in Africa, just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. This center provides work for 15 artisans, and supports these families’ growth and development. Sweet Naom has worked with Karama for 2 years. She proudly shares that she is one of the first women to be trained in operating the larger equipment at the workshop! Naom is grateful for her job with Karama, and explains that stable employment allows her to pay education fees for her two sons and also keeps her family fed.


Chain length is 16"

Recycled Brass

Made in Kenya

Passport Cover


“And the adventure begins” But first, give your passport a fresh look! All-natural handmade paper is used to create this unique Adventure Passport Cover. Called “gutsy fiber,” this tear-resistant material is an innovation developed by the artisans at Salay Handmade Industries in the Philippines.


Handmade paper passport cover

Open: 8Wx5.5H inches, Folded: 4Wx5.5H inches

Handmade in the Philippines