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Hug in a Mug | The Original Box

$ 39.99

We are calling our March Box "Hug in a Mug" and it is full of AMAZING, unique Fair-Trade product!

What's in this Box:

◇Wooden Mug Candle ⎜Mug made by @ethikoshome in Thailand, candle poured by Diaa, a refugee living in Houston ⎜Retails for $20

◇Metal Coffee Sign ⎜Made by @vibellajewelry in Haiti ⎜Retails for $24

◇Tea Sampler ⎜Made by @equalexchange in India, Sri Lanka, and Egypt⎜Retails for $3

◇Mercy House Global Coffee Blend⎜Made by @airshipcoffee in the USA⎜Retails for $4

◇Leather Pouch + Monk Fruit Packets⎜Made by Street Hop in Kenya⎜Retails for $6

◇Sanaa Greeting Card Set (15)⎜Made using Sanaa Art and printed in the USA⎜Retails for $15