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Massage Soap Bar

$ 8.00


Escape to a spa-like oasis in the comfort of your home with this massage soap bar! Made with all-natural ingredients, these soap bars are soothing, revitalizing, and impactful. Through your purchase, refugee artisans, like Ebtesam, are able to have sustainable and dignified work. 


+ Made in the USA by Refugees 
+ 4 oz 
+ Ingredients: Goat milk, lemon + lavender essential oils, olive + coconut oils


Ebstesam, one of our refugee home workers from Syria and mother of 7 boys, poured your clementine Lip and Body Balm. She loved the challenge of pouring a new size of blam. The process is fascinating to watch. Ebtesam poured 63 lip balms at once which means she created 38 batched in her small apartment kitchen! We sat down with her and she said she was able to pay her July rent and purchase a gift for her new grandbaby. She is preparing to visit her daughter and meet her new grandson this summer. Ebstesam is looking forward to this new season as a grandmother!