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"Cool Down" Spray

$ 3.50 $ 7.00


This spray is all-naturally formulated to cool you down during those hot summer days. The cucumber seed oil and aloe vera combine to create a cooling effect. 


+ Made by refugees in the USA 
+ 4 oz
+ How to use: Shake well and spray six inches from skin. 
+ Can soothe a sunburn, nourish aging skin, and calm itching skin. 


The creation of this refreshing spray was a collaboration of two of our talented artisans -- Diaa and Ebtesam. 

The first thing you notice about Diaa is her smile. Diaa throws back her head and laughs at the smallest joys. She is usually humming a tune and swaying to her own music. Diaa is one of our expert candlemakers, and she was so excited to learn this new skill of making sugar scrubs. This order provided Diaa with 24 hours of dignified work. She used the income to help her family with living expenses. Diaa said her new skill will bring her closer to her dream of one day buying a home. This summer, Diaa and her family plan to visit Austin, Texas, for the first time. 

Ebtesam, a mother of seven, moved to the United States from Syria before the war made things too dangerous and forced her family to flee. Ebtesam is a hard worker, who takes pride in making products for Mercy House Global. She raises her children to be studious, good people.