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Soap + Bath

Reusable Soap Bags

$ 5.00


These reusable soap bags are handy and versatile! They are made with 100% organic cotton and accompanied with a long drawstring which enables you to hang your soap or shampoo bar in the shower. These bags are also great for holding your bars while traveling, and they make an excellent loofa too!


+ Made in India 
+ Crafted with 100% organic cotton 


The Intersection: Fair Trade started when Dane & Meghann were in a village in Kenya with a group of women whose families had been devastated by AIDs. When they met them, they had found hope and income through the rolling of paper beads, which they made into jewelry. They loved hearing the stories of these women, and loved their workmanship, and so they bought a whole bunch of jewelry to bring back home to sell to friends. As they shared  stories with friends and sent the money back to the women, they realized that this is what they wanted to do. Dane & Meghann wanted to invest time in connecting people in developing nations with outlets to sell their goods, and in turn connect the stories of people purchasing items with the stories of those who produced them. They wanted to create an intersection at which their stories could meet. They wanted to change the way people thought about what they purchase, and cause them to investigate the origins of their products, and the conditions in which the creators of their products are working. Their goal is to combat poverty and injustice through business. They want products that they can match faces, names, and stories to.