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Seen + Unseen | Spring 2022

Gold Flower Studs

$ 24.00


This bright and colorful collection represents the hope we carry into the future after walking through the pain of the past. Often when we feel buried, we discover we have actually been planted. The botanical-themed colors and pieces remind us we are always growing, even in the darkness. From the homes of resettled refugees across the ocean to Kenya and every home in-between, this collection represents being rooted, established, and blooming in the most difficult of circumstances. “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18


Imagine standing in the golden sunlight of a young Spring day, the smell of fresh-cut grass is swirling in the air, birds are chirping, kids are playing, and brilliant colored flowers are blooming. There is a newness all around that only springtime can bring. God is so creative and his fingerprints are everywhere! Hope is in the air.

These blossoming earrings exude just this -- hope. Hand-cut gold leather accented with beige beads and assembled by the hands of artisans apart of Have Hope in Kenya. These earrings created hope-filled dignified work. So, when you purchase and wear these earrings, know that they are not only a beautiful accessory but a life-changing means that provides the same newness of life and hope of Spring but for longer than just a season... for a lifetime. 


+ Handcrafted by Have Hope in Kenya 
+ Crafted with gold leather and beige seed beads 
Please note: these earrings were made with “flexible posts” to accommodate all ear types.
They are stitched securely, but it is normal for the posts to flex.


Have Hope began in Kenya as a community outreach ministry of Mercy House Global. Twenty women in the Kariobungi slum have been meeting for Bible study since 2010. With a need to improve their lives, they began making paper bead jewelry as a way to receive sustainable income for themselves and their families. They started calling their group "Have Hope" because they did not have any but desired it. The women in Have Hope are so hungry to learn new skills, and it is beautiful and humbling to work alongside them and watch them grow.