THRIVE | Spring Collection

Beaded Earrings

$ 20.00

For a flower to bloom, it reaches toward the sun. For it to thrive, it doesn’t do so alone. Introducing Mercy House's most global collection featuring beautiful handcrafted pieces from Kenya, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Asia, the USA, and the Horn of Africa. Together, we are better. “The way to thrive is to help others thrive, the way to flourish is to help others flourish; the way to fill yourself is to spend yourself,” Cornelius Plantinga. If this cohesive classic floral collection could speak it would say, if you thrive, others thrive with you. “They are planted in the house of the Lord; They flourish in the courts of our God,” Psalm 92:13. 


Hue is that? These head-turning earrings are lightweight, on-trend, and very versatile. With hues of blue, blush, and terracotta these unique earrings were crafted by artisans in Guatemala who strung each bead intentionally to create these beautiful multicolored earrings. 


+ Made in Guatemala 
+ Dimensions from the bottom of the earring to the top of the hook:2.75" (L) x 1" (W) 
+ Crafted using ethically sourced beads 


Based on the beautiful shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala beneath towering volcanoes, Altiplano has been providing fair wages and employment for over 25 years. Altiplano provides employment opportunities to cooperative groups, small family businesses, and to women in our own fair trade workshop. In an effort to support traditional life, Altiplano offers women the opportunity to work at home, making them available to care for their children and household, while earning financial independence.