Metal Straw | When Life is Sour, Sweeten it with Gratitude


Globally we use and throw away more than 500 million plastic straws per day. Recycling systems often fail to properly collect them, so they occupy precious landfill space or end up in the ocean. There they take many years to break down, leaching micro-plastics into our water system. They even pose a direct threat to wildlife, killing and maiming creatures including turtles, whales and seabirds. Customers are increasingly becoming aware of the global impact of disposable plastic and are demanding a better solution.

Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. Batik Boutique partners with social businesses that believe in looking after the planet we live in. They provide a product that is both sustainable and meets the customers’ needs. Your straw was made in partnership with a a non-profit social enterprise who chooses to maximize their impact by investing all surplus to reducing plastic waste by funding beach clean-ups in South-East Asia.


Made in Malaysia

Straw reads "SIP SIP HOORAY"



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