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Stocking Stuffer Sale | 11/18/21

Leather Balm

$ 10.00


This leather balm is made of all-natural ingredients and will shine up your shoes, or preserve and care for any leather item you own.


+ Made in the USA

+ 1 oz. 

+ Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil 

+ Instructions: To use: Wipe on the leather using a soft cloth like a t-shirt. Then, buff with a clean t-shirt. Let dry. Do this three times. This will condition, and waterproof the leather.


Ebtesam is one of our newest soap makers. The mother of seven moved to the United States from Syria in December 2015. Ebtesam describes Syria as "so pretty and nice" before the war. When things became dangerous, her family was forced to flee their home. Ebtesam is a good person with a great work ethic. She tries to raise her kids to be good students and good people.