Miujiza 2' x 3' Mat


Miujiza means "miracle" in Swahili and these hand thrown cotton mats are nothing short of a miracle. They are made by the grandmothers of the babies born to rescued teen mothers in Kenya. These strong women asked to be rescued to, and are now artisans who have learned to operate large wooden looms to create these flat woven textiles. By purchasing an item created by Miujiza, you are empowering generations of women in Kenya. 

The color of our Fall Miujiza Hand Thrown Mats is inspired by Africa. It combines rich creams with dark rust to create a tightly woven mat that endures and empowers. 


Soft look and feel; reversible

2' x 3

Made in Kenya


The occasional gentle shake will keep these textiles looking their best.

As woven textiles settle, a stray piece of yarn may pop up. This is perfectly normal. Do not cut the yarn; simply tuck and pull it back through the underside of the mat.




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