Banana Paper Magnets | 5 pack

$ 20.00


Truly, words make worlds, and having these small colorful reminders around our spaces can bring to mind the intentional way we want to be in the world. These magnets come with 5 different encouraging quotes and beautiful artwork, making them perfect to hang things on your fridge, to have some uplifting words in your office or workspace, or to gift to a friend or family member!


+ Made in Haiti
+ Cardboard backing with magnet
+ 5 pieces of art printed on banana paper
+ Dimensions: 2 X 2 inches
+ Set of 5 magnets


2nd Story Goods works on the ground with artisans in Gonaives, Haiti, creating recycled, handcrafted goods for a livable wage. Artisans are paid a living wage for the time they spend making goods, upfront, by the piece. 2nd Story Goods enables children to stay in school, not because of hand-outs, but through the dignity of their parents’ work.