Sunset Paper Bead Bracelet + Set of 6 Greetings Cards

$ 17.00


Crafted with care, this beautiful Sunset Paper Bead Bracelet features light brown + blush pink paper bead, along with white cowbone and gold glass beads. Made by the artisans apart of Elizabeth's Voice in Uganda, this fair trade bracelet is an accessory you can look good wearing and feel good about buying. 

* Added bonus: with this paper bead bracelet you'll receive a Seen + Unseen Greeting Cards | Set of 6 made with Sanaa Art in Kenya 


+ Made in Uganda 
+ Crafted using White cowbone, gold glass beads, and Light brown + blush pink paper beads
+ Stretchy to fit any wrist size
+ Bundle comes with Paper Bead Bracelet + Set of 6 Greeting Cards 

ARTISAN DETAILS: Elizabeth's Voice 

Named after Elizabeth from the bible, the story behind Elizabeth's Voice: 

"When Mary found out she was pregnant with Jesus, she was so misunderstood and alone. Elizabeth was there for Mary and encouraged her. God will always send someone when you need it the most. At Elizabeth's voice, they are passionate about women helping other women." 

Elizabeth's Voice was started by Evelyn and Amy. Evelyn was selling beautiful, handmade products in a tourist hotel in Kampala, Uganda where Amy happened to stay. Evelyn was working hard to give women in her community dignified work, but would only sell a couple of products a day a the hotel. Evelyn & Amy had an instant connection and friendship. God planned for them to meet long before they met that day in the hotel. Together, they now employ over 30 women full-time in Uganda.

ARTISAN DETAILS: Sanaa Collection 

Art inspired by teen girls who have been rescued from desperate situations and are pregnant or learning to be moms. By purchasing these cards, you are joining us to change the lives of women around the world by empowering them through dignified work.