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The Grace Case | Quarterly Subscription Club

Ann Voskamp and family curate a themed Grace Case each quarter, filled with hand-crafted items from around the world. Be surprised each time by the beautiful collection of items included in your themed box. Unique and useful items will fill these boxes — no item ever the same! — with exciting themes from “Dining” and “Cooking”… to “Nights out!” and “Travel”.

Every quarter the themed Grace Case arrives on your doorstep with handcrafted heirlooms from around the world and a small photographic journal that Ann has written to personally invite you into a life-changing story of how these heirlooms have changed the world — and can continue to, in your hands and life — complete with quotes, tear-out printables, and inspiring visual and story.

Through your financial investment in The Grace Case, your sisters around the world have roofs over their heads, food on the table for their children, and they are able to provide their children with an education, medical care, opportunities, life-transforming hope and experience empowerment through employment and meaningful vocational callings.

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The Grace Case | Quarterly Subscription Club