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Apple Earrings

$ 16.00

An apple a day is the fairly traded way! Crafted by artisans at EsperanzArt in Ecuador, these adorable Apple Earrings symbolize the fruits of the spirit—joy, kindness, and love—making them an ideal gift for teachers who nurture growth and knowledge with their abundant care and wisdom. Bring a touch of nature's bounty and heartfelt appreciation to your wardrobe or gift them to inspire those who uplift others with their nurturing spirit.

  • Made by EsperanzArt in Ecuador
  • 2 apple earrings
  • 1" h x 3/4" w


EsperanzArt is a jewelry workshop to equip women with tools in the professional, financial,socio-emotional and spiritual areas through the elaboration of handmade jewelry in a safe environment that reflects the values of the Kingdom of God. Esperanzart offers job training, invaluable community and a steady income to women who are in the brave process of healing from the trauma of sex trafficking and abuse. Our jewelry is created from natural materials like ashira seeds, acai berries and tagua nut, aunique vegetable ivory produced in Ecuador. We are part of ESE (End Slavery Ecuador). Our participants learn job skills such as time management, how to interact with other people in a healthy way, working hard and setting goals. Jewelry making can be very therapeutic and contribute to their healing process as well.