Arleth Bracelet | Set of 3

$ 22.00

These unique artisan-made bracelets were handcrafted in Ecuador from tagua seeds and waxed thread. The seeds were dyed with various colors to create this beautiful set. Wear these bracelets on an everyday basis, dress them up for a formal event, or gift them to a loved one for the holidays or birthdays! 

+ Made in Ecuador  
+ Comes with 3 bracelets 
+ Length 46-65 cm
+ Material: Tagua seed and waxed thread.
+ About the Tagua nut: The tagua nut is one of the most eco-friendly materials obtained from the Coast of Ecuador. After being harvested from the ground, the tagua nut passes through a process of drying, hardening, and carving. Its natural color and texture so closely resemble ivory that it is called “vegetable ivory”. Tagua beads are dyed in an array of beautiful colors, before becoming stunning fashion pieces.


“Esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope. The vision Esperanzart is to offer hope through art.
Emotional Hope: Helping young women gain confidence by healing through art and building positive relationships.
Economic Hope: Gaining work experience while completing their high school education which improves their capacity to find a permanent career and support their children (most are single young moms).
Spiritual Hope: Reclaiming their true worth through weekly devotionals and learning Christian principles in the workplace.