Twisted Weave Basket| Large

$ 32.00


Stylish and sustainable, this basket was made from banana leaves which make a perfect alternative to plastic! This natural basket features a wireframe for shape and handles for functional transportation. Store your linens in them, snacks for the pantry, or additional closet storage! 


+ Made in Bangladesh 

+ Dimensions: 16"l x 10"w x 7"h.

+ Crafted from banana leaves and wireframes 

+ Not recommended for clothing storage.


Made by handcrafters in Bangladesh, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for orders. With sales of their handmade products, more than 1,000 women at ten handcraft centers receive skill training and productive employment, regardless of their caste or creed. The use of sustainable, natural materials enhances their commitment to integrity, simplicity, and non-violence, and their focus on employment rather than maximized profits helps preserve the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.