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Banana Leaf Trivet

$ 16.00


A neutral twist on a classic hot pad, each trivet was created with the fibers from a banana tree, which peels off from the tree as it grows. Utilize these artisan-made hot pads for their functionality as well as their organic beauty! 


+ Made in Kenya 
+ Dimensions: Approximately 9" Dia.
+ Eco-friendly and natural 
+ Crafted from Banana Leaf fibers 


Grain of Rice Project operates a workshop in Nanyuki, Kenya where artisans meet Monday-Friday and create handcrafted pieces. This team of artisans sew, bead, weave baskets, and more! Grain of Rice Project pieces are a collaboration of ideas between the artisans and their U.S. team. Each piece comes tagged with a description of the artisan and provides empowerment towards a better life.