"Bee Kind": Fair Trade Friday | The Original Box

In a world where you can be anything....BEE KIND 🐝 What a fitting reminder to all of us in 2020! This September box is FULL of products that will remind you to be sweet this season, or would make the perfect, sweet gift for someone else.

This box contains:
✧Honeycomb Soap Bar Retails for $8⁠
✧Ceramic Beehive Soap Dish Retails for $15 ⁠
✧Honey Sampler Retails for $5.50⁠
✧Wooden Honey Dipper Retails for $10⁠
✧Gold Hexagon Earrings Retails for $24.99⁠
✧Gratitude Bracelet Retails for $7 ⁠


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