Bessina Beaded Earring | Fall Color of Hope


This earring was inspired by Bessina, a refugee born in Sudan who endured hardships with her family until they were relocated to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They spent many years there hoping for a better life; it is here she learned to make beaded jewelry.

In 2017, she and her husband and seven children were given permanent refuge in Houston, Texas. She is adjusting to her refugee life with the help of Mercy House Global, who is providing dignified work.

In February 2019, Bessina suffered the loss of one of her children. Our partners in Haiti, who need the work, have stepped in to begin creating this earring while Bessina grieves with her family.

The jewelry team at Haiti Design Co has over 17 women working in mini-teams to produce many different jewelry making techniques. They specialize in fabric beads, leather sequin jewelry, beadwork, and assembly. They strongly believe in reducing waste as much as possible at our workshop, so all leather scraps are saved and handed over to the jewelry teams to be turned into beautiful new creations. Haiti Design Co provides quality employment, skill training, opportunities for personal growth, and, most importantly, stability to people in vulnerable situations.


Haiti Design Co employs over 75 artisans in-house and works with over 50 artisans in the community


Custom made just for Mercy House Global

Hand-woven, glass seed bead patterned earrings on 14K gold plated hooks

Made in Haiti

Approximately 3" in length


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