Black Stitched Leather Wimbi Bracelet


This one-of-a-kind leather cuff bracelet was hand-stitched by the women of Have Hope in Kenya. The ebony leather, sourced locally in Kenya, supports the local Kenyan economy and is a base for this beautiful embroidery work. This bracelet provides dignified work for women working their way out of poverty in the middle of a bustling Kenyan slum.


Monica pulled Kristen Welch, MHG Founder, aside after their visit together in a slum in Kenya, and she slowly pulled up her sleeve to reveal the angry 10-inch gash in her arm. Kristen cringed at the jagged stitches while Monica explained that in a drunken rage, her husband had chased her with scissors. Monica explained that if she didn’t have her job with Have Hope her only option would be to continue in the abuse. But dignified work had given her options. Hope. Monica is one of dozens of artisans in Kenya being employed by Mercy House Global to make handcrafted jewelry for our new Fall Collection.


Handcrafted in Kenya

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