Blonde Storage Baskets | Set of 3

$ 52.00


Our blonde set of mini storage baskets is the perfect solution for storing small items. Lightweight, woven from natural materials, and light blonde in color. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia in a traditional fashion. Utilize these storage baskets in your bathroom for cotton balls and Q-tips or in your pantry for storing spices or small snacks! 


+ Made in Indonesia 

+ Dimensions: small- 3"x3" medium- 4.5"x4.5" large- 6"x6.5''w

This set includes a small, medium, and a large basket.

+ Handwoven from Pandanus Leaf (Pandan, also known as screwpine, is a tropical plant with blade-like leaves similar in appearance to palm leaves. They are native to South and Southeast Asia.)

+ Lightweight 


Village Thrive began on a humanitarian trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2008 when Suzanne (founder) was inspired to collaborate and create with local artisans as a way to support their skills and livelihood. Over the years, relationships and families have grown and so has Suzanne's passion for Bali and handcrafted goods. Village Thrive is a way to share the natural beauty of this place and its people with others. From start to finish they have been mindful of the process. Every product purchased helps support local artisans to thrive in their craft and sustain their families while also choosing to consume in an Eco-friendly fashion.