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Brass Hourglass

$ 40.00

This timeless treasure was skillfully wrought by the gifted artisans of Noah's Ark in India. Within its brass frame reside two glass phials intricately linked by a slander neck, allowing the sands of time to pour with graceful precision. Your Brass Hourglass is a fitting adornment for your desk or for a cherished bookshelf or mantlepiece. 

  • Made by Noah's Ark in India
  • 6" h x 2 3/4" w


Noah's Ark was established in 1986 with the sole objective of artisans' welfare and education in Moradabad, India. They support artisans through fair trade practices and provide training in the production of quality products for overseas markets. Noah's Ark uplifts the downtrodden of society, using their profits to invest back in their community with many social projects related to education, health, water, and sanitation.