Brass Wind Chimes

$ 40.00


These iron and brass bells give voice to the centuries-old tradition of crafting bells for livestock. These Rahab's Rope artisans have been making bells for three generations. With their rustic appeal and delightful tintinnabulation, cowbells have gained popularity outside of their intended use. These wind chimes are great for garden decoration or any home decor. 


+ Made by Rahab's Rope in India 
+ Crafted from brass 
+ Hangs Approximately 22" (H) x 15" (W)


For its bells and chimes, Rahab's Rope works with Creative International, a family-owned business now operated by the third generation. The factory employs more than 80 artisans. Through the sale of each wind chime and bell, Rahab's Rope and Creative International can provide a safe, loving environment for artisans and their families to live and work. The sales support Rahab's Rope with funding for the prevention, direct intervention, and after-care of women and children at-risk or rescued from sex trafficking. 

Artisans have braved through adverse conditions yet continue to create these beautiful chimes. The women making them have been ostracized from the community for various reasons. Some have been widowed and others come from the devadasi system. In India, a devadasi is a female who was dedicated to worship and serve a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. Today it is nothing more than prostitution. The women are ostracized from all other communities and when they try to leave many will end up in red-light areas. Our family artisans have brought many of these women to their factory and taught them the skill of bell-making and painting. They now have a dignified source of income to support themselves. 

Sustainable development is at the heart of everything that Rahab's Rope and Creative International do. Children of employed parents are more likely to stay in school, in turn leading to better employability for them in the future. Your purchase will help them to break the cycle of poverty and add value to their lives.