Celebrate Ceramic Bracelet | Set of two


This beautiful set was created by our partners at Papillon Marketplace in Haiti! ⁠

This classic design is made with hand-rolled ceramic beads, each one a little different and unique! The second bracelet is a smaller ceramic bead bracelet made with glass beads and 3 white confetti square beads! ⁠Raw and unprocessed clay is found in the central plateau region in Haiti. The clay is processed in house, by hand and our bead makers hand roll the beads to serve as the basis for most of our jewelry.

During this crazy time in life, we should remember to celebrate the small things! This fun bracelet set with its 'Celebrate" charm can serve as your reminder! ⁠


Hand rolled round ceramic beads with signature Mercy House Global teal glaze

Hand rolled square ceramic beads with white glaze 

Hand stamped "Celebrate" Round charm 

Made in Haiti

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