Ceramic Serving Bowl

$ 25.00


Pass grace around your dining table with this beautiful ceramic serving bowl. This lovely dish can be used for serving pasta or your family’s favorite homemade biscuits. By purchasing these items, you become part of the artisan's story, changing the world for the better. 


+ Made in Nepal by Mahaguthi Craft

+ Dimensions: 18.5 cm dia

* Hand wash only

+ The art of making clay pottery is as old as human civilization. This age-old tradition of making clay pottery still exists in Nepal. It still possesses strong socio-cultural values in the livelihood of artisans there. Despite all the influences of modernization and development, the potters of Kathmandu Valley still find their livelihood on their potter’s wheels. 

ARTISAN DETAILS: Mahaguthi Craft 

Mahaguthi Craft with Conscience is a nonprofit, WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization which produces, markets, and exports crafts from Nepal. Mahaguthi serves both domestic and international markets and has two shops based in the Kathmandu Valley. Their organization represents the efforts of more than one thousand individual producers - fifty percent of whom are from remote and mountainous areas. Most of Mahaguthi’s producers are women who are given the chance to employ traditional skills in their own homes, thus enabling them to generate extra income. Your every purchase from Mahaguthi directly helps the people involved in every step of the supply chain as 68% of the sales go back to the artisans of the products.