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Collapsable Pasta Drying Rack

$ 22.00

The secret to making homemade pasta is the combination of fresh ingredients and the right tools. This artisan-made Collapsable Pasta Drying Rack from Piedmont, Italy, provides space for drying all types of long noodles and homemade pastas.

Built-in dowels are perfectly spaced for optimized hanging, so strands of pasta won’t stick together while they dry. It sets up quickly and folds down for easy, compact storage. Hang freshly cut pasta strands evenly on each dowel of the pasta drying rack.To keep its freshness, pasta doesn’t need to be dried for long—just long enough to harden, allowing it to keep its shape when cooking.

The goal is to promote the even circulation of air around the pasta as it dries, ensuring that it dries all the way through so that it will not go bad while in storage. When drying pasta, all that matters is that it completely dries. Noodles dry faster hanging.

  • Made by artisans at Verve Culture in Italy
  • 14" x 11" x 9.5" 
  • Care instructions: Hand wash only. Wipe clean with a dry cloth or brush. This product is artisan-made, so slight variations may occur.


The craftsman who works these items by hand is full of meaning, it prefers the slow and meticulous work of the hands and the great attention to produce not only well-made objects but also to the diffusion of a message of simplicity which is at the same time full of sensations and memories of distant times, of the grandparents, of the youth lived in the almost forgotten small villages of our splendid region.