Colorful Sari Wreath

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Guaranteed to add color to any festive occasion or spruce up a corner of your home! Upcycled sari cutoffs were used to create these wreaths as a form of preserving material that otherwise would have become waste and the fabrics were then hand cut by underprivileged women in India who have been trained in tailoring. Decorate your home in a sustainable way and welcome the holiday season! 


+ Made in the United Kingdom
+ Dimensions: 17" l x 17" w x 17" h
+ Crafted using upcycled sari fabric 
+ Each one is completely unique with assorted sari fabric 


Pri Pri is a collection of upcycled accessories using pre-loved saris and handmade by a charity in India that helps to upskill and empower underprivileged women with training in tailoring. Born out of founder Priya's love of Indian textiles and early memories of sewing with her grandmother, old vintage saris are upcycled into new unique pieces. It was Priya’s grandmother who also first introduced the zero waste concept. Every scrap of fabric would be put to use. The business idea began when Priya’s niece was born and she was drawn to the treasure chest of her mum's beautiful old saris to make up party dresses for the new family member. After some encouraging comments, dresses were added to the online marketplace Etsy. As demand grew, Priya set about looking for help to make up her designs. And her journey led her back to where it began, in her grandmother’s home in Mumbai. She now partners with a women’s social initiative that works with Indian women from disadvantaged backgrounds and trains them in tailoring. Priya says, “It means a lot to me that through this business, I can not only fulfill a childhood passion but also help to empower women with skills that can help transform their lives.” Pri Pri pieces are ideal for those that love color, style, and sustainability.