Cornerstone Earrings | 2 Variants

$ 10.00 $ 22.00


Those are some good-lookin' studs😍!!! Made by our partners Karma Collection, these studs are simple and perfect for everyday wear.


+ Made in Kenya 
+ Available in Silver or Gold 
+ Crafted from ethically sourced brass. 


Nicholas worked his way up to Production Manager at a large jewelry company in Nairobi, Kenya. When the factory closed in 2017 unexpectedly with no notice to its workers, Nicholas was forced to start over on his own. Utilizing a small business loan, and a partnership with @karamacollection, Nicholas began his workshop in a small 6’ x 12’ space with just the basic pieces of equipment and has grown to employ five additional artisans.

In March 2021, on the morning of the final inspection of the Cornerstone Earrings, a fire broke out at Nicholas' workshop and everything was burned to the ground, including all the equipment.

Miraculously, the Cornerstone Earrings were put in a metal box and survived the fire, and were shipped here to us so we could send them to you.

Karama Collection was able to help Nicholas immediately purchase one new machine so he could get his employees back to work.

When you purchase these earrings, you are wearing little miracles on your ears!