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Fair Trade Friday exists for women to empower women.

We are tackling poverty through dignified jobs in Jesus' name. Fair Trade Friday club members support artisans and their families—thousands of women, men, and children around the world.

Club members get new, world-changing (and on-trend!) earrings every month. Earrings are high quality, fairly traded, and created by artisans in countries worldwide.

Join Fair Trade Friday | Earring of the Month and receive a priceless pair of earrings delivered to your door each month. Our fair trade earrings provide dignified jobs to artisans around the world.

Your earring shipment will automatically renew each month. 

We are currently shipping our June Earring of the Month, created by Freeleaf.

A great leader is one who follows their greater calling, even if they don’t know exactly where it will lead.

Upon graduating from undergrad, Adisyn Pyles envisioned moving to French-speaking Africa and focusing on community development after graduating college. With this mission in mind, she began applying for work with nonprofits and social enterprises, but her lack of overseas experience made it difficult to find the right fit. It was her decision to spend a gap year in Asia learning Mandarin and volunteering that set the stage for Freeleaf to become a reality.  

Her volunteer work in Asia gave Adisyn a new perspective, and introduced her to a local woman named JiaYi. The two of them shared a passion for coming alongside women in need, and quickly realized that they were being called to serve previously exploited and abused women in their city. 

“When women are poor and lack educational or economic opportunities, they often find themselves vulnerable to abuse and/or exploitation,” according to Adisyn. For these women to heal and move forward in a sustainable way, Adisyn and JaiYi knew that they needed to create a safe place for women to earn a living wage, and have the opportunity thrive both professionally and personally.