1 Dozen "Fill Your Own" Felt Easter Eggs


Street Hope, the artisan group that created each and every felt Easter egg, is comprised of women from the street, who begged during the day, prostituted at night with babies strapped to their backs to survive -- all 16 were homeless before they began sewing sweet felt for us two years ago.

We have thousands and thousands of these felt eggs, hand sewn by the women of Street Hope and we are hoping hundreds of shoppers like you and dozens of churches will make this Easter one that empowers impoverished women in Jesus name. What better way to celebrate His Resurrection?


Handmade felt eggs made in Kenya


1 dozen (12 eggs) "Fill Your Own" Felt Eggs | $12

17 dozen (204 eggs) or more "Fill Your Own" Felt Eggs | $9.60 per dozen

34 dozen (408 eggs) or more "Fill Your Own" Felt Eggs | $7.20 per dozen


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