Fetching Fabric Dog Collar

$ 10.00


Dogs like to live life fair, too! These collars were crafted by artisans in India who used local cotton, plastic, and fabric to created these assorted dog collars! With adjustable features, these collars are the perfect fair trade accessory for your pup! 


+ Handmade in India

+ Dimensions: 20L inches

+ Materials: Cotton, plastic, metal

+ Includes plastic buckle and metal D ring

+ Adjustable

+ Assorted patterns and colors 


MESH (Maximizing Employment to Serve the Handicapped) is a nonprofit organization that works with people with disabilities, many of whom are former leprosy patients. MESH provides training, marketing, and exporting for numerous member groups. Increasingly, they are hiring people with disabilities to give administrative leadership. MESH works with leprosy colonies and rehabilitation workshops in villages all over India, ensuring fair wages. Established in the 1970s and registered in 1981, MESH was founded to provide opportunities for disabled people and their dependents, especially those affected by leprosy. Their goal is self-sufficiency for artisans. MESH is a fair-trade company that exports products to fair trade organizations around the world.