Flat Woven Wall Hanging | Oval

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Woven from dried sisal fibers, this piece is bold enough to make a statement yet classic enough to withstand the test of time. Enjoy this oval woven wall hanging as a stand-alone piece or accompanied by your basket wall collection. 


+ Made in Rwanda 
+ Dimensions:16″L x 12″W.
+ Crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally gathered forest grasses.
+ Artisans work approximately 2 days to weave each Oval Flat Woven Wall Hanging.
+ Care: Wipe with a dry cloth.


The traditional heritage artforms of the Rwandan people are in full display in every Azizi Life piece. Azizi Life’s incredible fair-trade woven bowls and baskets, and hand-carved serving utensils, trivets, and bowls are made without any electricity and are either sewn with a needle and thread or forged out of solid blocks of wood. Made sustainably in 40 artisan cooperatives across Rwanda, each Azizi Life piece supports the local development of multiple African communities. Azizi Life intentionally crafts their products out of natural and renewable materials that continue to grow after their outer leaves and branches have been removed. These renewable materials include sisal fibers, banana leaves and stalks, and Jacaranda or Musave wood. Azizi Life pays fair living wages to all its artisan partners across Rwanda.