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Flourish | Curated Box

$ 39.99

The kitchen can teach us a lot about God -- the slicing, the searing, the standing, the serving. 

The kitchen is where we nourish our bodies. The Bible is where our souls learn to flourish.

The daily standing in the kitchen produces nourishment just as steadfast time in the Bible causes us to thrive. 

"We are not here to get to tomorrow. We are here for today, to bloom today." - Mark Hall 

What's in your box: 

+ Wooden Rolling Pin | Retail Value: $26 | Made by Forged in Hope in Kenya 
+ Board Butter | Retail Value: $8 | Made by Local Hope in the USA 
Kitchen Cloth | Retail Value: $10| Made by Ethikos Home in Thailand 
+ Floral Notepad | Retail Value: $5 | With Art by rescued teen moms in Kenya 
+ Bonus digital download bundle | Retail Value: $12

Total Retail Value: $61